They Don’t Love Me

<a href="">They Don’t Love Me by Ill City</a>

It’s just a lil’ handclap (uh-huh)
It’s just a lil ‘handclap (okay)
It’s just a lil’ handclap (let’s go)

Verse One
Said they see me at the club with a couple of (hey whoa)
I call ‘em that cause they quick to shake off they clothes
If your jersey got your name on it, popping 0s
Or you got a little video that rock and roll
Now they swear they not hookers, well I suppose
But the fact remains they fresh off the pole
Trying to catch a couple dollars and pop some Mo’
They heard I had a little label now they hot to troll
Well come on, I ain’t tricked off yet
And a five dollar broad ain’t gone get my check
Still, they stick around thinking I’ll forget
The game ABCs like the alphabet, Nope
From jump street I been suspicious
A character flaw some might call vicious
So I stand here breathing no strings, no misses
Trying sort things out, still keep it big picture

They don’t love me (it’s just a lil’ handclap) [x3]
They just use me, use me
Use me up till I’m gone

Verse Two
I got tracks for sale, that’s what I used to yell
Kick, claps with a melody the truth for real
Make your raps sound good in that booth for real
Make your track pound good in that Coupe DeVille
Well, you know the game most cats is broke
But they got time for some Xbox and plenty of smoke
Now naively, believe me I thought they might
Catch a little motivation if they saw that light
Well, wishful thinking, yeah I know
Still they gaming and drinking, and puffing the dro
Called me up for some heat, looking for a free track
What I do? I gave them a free track
They sat on it – man I took my beat back
They got mad – please homie beat that
Lack of motivation get you out of my mix
Too bad I had to take a few licks (whoa)

Verse Three
She never understood why I love this game
Coulda never sold a record it woulda been the same
Well, maybe a little salty, maybe a little sore
That I never got to see my album cover in stores
But uh, that didn’t happen and I’m here rapping
Couple folks and fam yeah out here clapping
Let’s be realistic, probably never going platinum
In a game that don’t love me, I still run back (man)

They don’t love me, no, no
They don’t love me (yeah) no, no, no, no
They don’t love me, no, no
They just use me, use me, use me up till I’m gone (oh)

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