TV Generation

<a href="">TV Generation by Ill City</a>

I won’t go, I won’t climb
I won’t even speak my mind
I’ll just sit here and unwind
And leave it to you
I won’t run, I won’t shine
I won’t even think this time
I’ll just sit here and unwind
And leave it to you

Verse One
I want a big screen TV to watch Jack Bauer
And a Tivo that holds all 24 hours
Entourage, Daily Show, and oh Nip/Tuck
It’s not as good as it used to be, but hey so what
And if I got some free time, maybe CSI
Or hey pre-season Idol, look I can’t lie
Now I know it’s just a game, you can pull my strings
But I love to watch ‘em run on the quest for fame
It’s a shame, but I love it, I want to break free
But like Pookie up in New Jack — it be calling me
I got work in morning, but one more show
Maybe Last Comic Standing man I don’t know
And look I can’t forget Smallville – watch out Clark
I know they straying from the story line, don’t y’all start
Some old Murder She Wrote or the Twilight Zone
Hey that’ll keep me busy ’til House come on

Verse Two
Now I can get the latest gossip, and part of the news
Right, left it’s all slanted they could do what they do
But it’s still so amazing that this here tube
Could keep me so entertained even change my mood
So I flipped to Discovery, I even learned something
That show Planet Earth? Man that’s worth something
But two hours later, hey I’m still sitting
Bag of chips gone y’all I’m straight tripping
A funny thing happened when I turned off my TV
I started having fun, look I made me a CD
I met more people, got out of the house
So now I moderate the time on my favorite leather couch
It might seem harmless, but I don’t know
Cause if you ain’t out living you just watching the show
Now I still watch my favorites from time to time
But got enough of reality, I’m sticking with mine

Verse Three
Put a two-year old in front of a TV and watch ‘em get hypnotized
I contend we’re no different we just watch grown up shows to make it seem legitimized
We’ve epitomized the characters of sheep, sold out cheap
Our HD DVRs help put us to sleep
Couples come home to spend time with each other, but they share it with tube
That’s mĂ©nage rude, quality time not pursued
After a long day – I get it – you’re just not in the mood
But in a quest for better living, we must question what we do

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