We Will Survive

<a href="http://music.illcity.com/track/we-will-survive">We Will Survive by Ill City</a>

We start our lives in the same place, well not quite the same place
It’s uneven cause we don’t have the same face, but contestants in the same race
Although it sometimes feels otherwise, I don’t complain about other guys
You got to go get yours or else just sleep to their lullabies
And who’s they? Well the media – the big bad media
Man there’s no conspiracy, just some folks who got greedier
Then the market would allow, but look this I must avow
It’s not the faces that you see, they just milking that cash cow

So I really can’t knock ‘em, cause most are just well worker bees
With mortgages and debt that has them feeling like pre-laboured Hercules
Almost insane, but stop they just scared
Scared of the fact that guess what? They’re not who they’ve appeared
To be and to me that’s well at least conceivable
And it makes how we got in this situation a little more believable
It’s feasible this is all a ruse, programmed by the evening news
Dictated by only a few now I’m yelling conspiracy too

But hold on they underestimate the spirit, motivation, and drive
A handful will rise and democratize the cries
Unearth the lies, and remove the guise that is fear
So freedom can ring loud, once again in our ears
But to mobilize we must shake free of the virtual chains
SUVs, couch captivity, and name brand things
Today is the day, tomorrow is the prize
Freedom is the drive, and yes we will survive

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