What They Gone Say

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Oh this the one right here

When he fly away, what they gone say?
He was always on the chase
When he fly away, what they gone say?
He put a smile up on they face
When he fly away, what they gone say?
He kept it moving
But when it’s time to go get gone
What they say won’t get you home

Verse One
Last few days in these tattered dungarees
Like bad tupes, it’s obvious to see
While some could make it through, this just wasn’t made for me
Cause the limit is the sky, and I’m on my way to be
Bigger than most imagined, quicker than most could fathom
Dreams get ‘up and grab ‘em, excuses y’all could have ‘em
Accelerate your life in the USN
But enlisteds ain’t living right, let’s me use this pen
Had the cush assignment, now let me rewind it
Fourth class, North Island trying put my time in
But mops in my hands is what I’m mostly reminded
And check to check living is what I’m trying put behind
It’s all car stereos and liquor stores
But when you young tell me what you really living for?
Whoa, hotel parties, trips to Tijuana
But something much bigger is what I’m trying to be a part of (hey)

Verse Two
Never much for the clubs, mostly stayed at home
Yeah glued to my keyboard with headphones on
IB, California my very first apartment
Neighbors too loud, ugly green carpet
Mom’s loaned 300 dollars for the deposit
Me and Kev split the spot, milk crates in my closet
I told you last album that trailer park sparked it
Well it just takes time, now watch me get it started
Making tracks in my bedroom with Hawk and Ced
You could lean on the wall, but stay off my bed
I was nice off the mic, but yo off the head
They’d be like ooh n’all, you hear what he said
And in the same vein gained fame from tracks
Well a little local name – little change for tracks
Yeah, spent a couple dollars try to make them back
Things change, now I’m trying to make change from tracks (hey)

Verse Three
And after all these years, after all these sessions
I done trained my ears, I done learned my lessons
Since a Casio-playing Lynne Lane adolescent
It’s finally clear, as I reap these blessings
You could take all your talents and find a hole
But me? I’m a flip ‘em until that tin is gold
So I stand here smiling, I done did my time
The whole world’s right in front me, better get in line
I took time from a trailer man, grind as a sailor man
Lessons well learned from Hollins up to Naylor man
Washed up ventures that I thought would really pay the man
Mixed it all up into a story worth savoring
Now what I’m really saying man, I’m simply not playing man
So here’s to growing up and trying to be a greater man
But when it comes time to lay the man
Hope I found enough grace to save the man (for real)

When he flies away [x2]

  • There are a few pieces of advice I can offer you, all learned from years of experience handling park and flies. I GUARANTEE that you will not have thought of most of them.

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