Where They Get It From

<a href="http://music.illcity.com/track/where-they-get-it-from">Where They Get It From by Ill City</a>

He too lazy, she too fast
He just trying to barely pass
She just out there chasing cash
You don’t like it? Pull them back

Hook Stack
Where they going, no one knows

Verse One
Where she get it from? Them low rise jeans
Well I seen the same girl up on MTV
She was switching and moving and showing it all
Where that little girl go and buy them g-string drawers?
My moms said, “it’s okay if I shop
I got a job at the Limited, so why would I not?”
Well that’s cool, but got it or not
Why you trying to take your cookies and show what you got?
She said “I need a man to cop Manolos
The Dior handbag, champagne polos
Roll in the car where it click when the door close
So I can’t be looking so-so” (ohh, my bad)
Gold collar girl want to spin the wheel
Catch a baller in the street and spend for real
A year later she out buying Enfamil
Cause she figured that’ll bring out his ends for real (whoa)

Verse Two
I seen this six year old, cussing out his mamma
I tip, tip slow, like here come the drama
But then she started laughing like that’s so cute
I’m like that’s so cute? You better grab your boot
By the time he 15, you won’t be laughing
Maybe too late to nip things, he won’t be acting
Hanging when thugs he might be packing
While you’re looking all sad like how this happen?
Or maybe you could put him in those special classes
Everybody show up, everybody passes
Teacher gone say its just some hot flashes
That A-D-D got him hyperactive
But come on, he don’t need that Ritalin
Stop the Pepsi that’ll cut half the fiddlin (yeah)
Stop feeding ‘em junk food and reel him in
Challenge they mind and channel they adrenalin
Now pause on this if you held me
Just a child in your arms where you meld me
Would I look you in your eyes and say you failed me
Or would I smile? Yeah you tell me (come on)

Verse Three
Where they get it from, where everything’s “show me dog”
Yeah I’m lazy, but you still owe me dog
A generation of slackers I don’t know what they after
A few shining stars getting lost in the rafters
I’m hoping that they find they way back to the bus
Yeah the journey is long and sometimes rough
As they scurry along I hope they catch up
Yeah they did it on they own, but they got it from us

  • Natasha

    Just heard this song today and I love it. I swear these are the conversations me and my husband have about the youth today. It starts at home.

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