Who’s Your Customer

<a href="http://music.illcity.com/track/whos-your-customer">Who&#8217;s Your Customer by Ill City</a>

Verse One
What up lil ma? What up nephew
It’s been a minute huh? Since I stepped through
You wasn’t really waiting, hey this was just due
They wasn’t really hating, but still they test you
Funny thing since I just press through
So all that chit chat well I suggest you
Leave it alone homes I don’t stress dude
Oh you making it rain, wow how cute
So many folks just follow the next fool
That seems strange to me, I mean the rest do (well)
What the rest do, dig in your chest dude
Start rip and stripping it down until it’s just you (uh)
So I’ll be watching close, don’t let me catch you
Not literally, but these words might arrest you
Yeah this is real life, not a test tube
I drop the college on ‘em, they call it Bless-U

Your records ain’t selling quite like they should
Your label ain’t really doing all they could
Could I help you with a plan, now well I would
But let me ask ya, say um who’s your customer?

Verse Two
Uh, I’m a mission man, on a mission man
I hear you rambling, but was you listening?
Its brand new day and you tripping man
Hopping in the race without adequate conditioning
Gave you formula, you must not be remembering
Album number one, track eight it’s no different
I know you want to blow like nitroglycerin
But your product ain’t selling, the streets been whispering
It’s kind of funny really, still chasing rap money
Couple major placements but mostly “local track” money
All that equipment “probably never make it back” money
Tricking for a filler might as well walk the track money
No target market and you looking for a band-aid
While I’m over here doing it flipping ‘em like pancakes
It’s not drought, it’s a brand new landscape
And that’s why I call this PhanBase (ya dig)

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