Your Favorite

Verse One
It always feel good when it’s new, true
But then all change when it rains, boo
But let’s let it do what it do, cool?
I’m not trying to play no games, you?
Right now I entertain you
Made you crack up when you came through
The first time, you did the same too
But will you get tired of the same dude?
I mean after we get a little history
Will I lose my mystery?
Will you still give it all when you kissing me?
Or will you say I’m a different me?
Or will you just get bored?
‘Cause I’m not as much fun as before
Get that feeling that you need a little more?
Well I don’t know, but let’s explore

Now it feels so alive and it’s cool when it’s new
But there’s no need to rush let it do what it do
Now I fiending for your touch but you don’t have to choose
‘Cause baby I’ma end up your favorite

Verse Two
I’m a little flawed right now, scarred right now
Hope that don’t make you run far right now
Figured I would go and tell it all right now
‘Cause you the only I want to call right now
So how ‘bout this?
Let’s forget Smitty, how about Smith?
If doesn’t work you plead the fifth
Yeah, I’m all over, you get the gist?
This? An offer you can’t resist
That’s what I’m trying to sell you
And so I’d be remiss
If I didn’t tell you
They say when you’re not searching
You find something new
And there it was lurking
Me plus you

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